Terms & Conditions



Sign-Off on System Layout

A proposal accompanied with a quote and mockup will be provided for all projects completed and the client accepts that the payment or part payment of the services constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions provided by Website Global. No programming can commence until proposals are approved. 


Website Sign-Off

The Client will review the completed site, and once it has been approved, the site will be launched. 


Payment Terms

Web design and development jobs require a 50% non- refundable deposit payment prior to commencement of the work and 50% on completion and prior to the launch of the site. Invoices will be issued for the work.


Essential content including text and specific images is to be supplied by the Client prior to commencement of development. Delays in delivery of content will extend time taken to complete the development. If additional content is supplied or major changes requested following the sign off of the mock up, additional charges will be at an hourly rate specified. 



All changes and updates not included in the quote may be charged at an hourly rate. Any changes to the site post completion will be charged at an hourly rate. Minor changes will be assessed and provided free of charge or quoted at the hourly rate. If the Client or a third party makes changes to the site without the knowledge of Website Global, and adjustments, or a reinstatement is requested to Website Global, then a quote for the changes at an hourly rate will be supplied.




Training for web site maintenance is included in the price of this proposal of up to 2 hours, additional training will be charged at our normal hourly rate (Currently $80.00 per hour + GST). Based on the web site and it's structure, training could take between one to four hours.




Client authorises Website Global to recod the name of the web design company, "Website Global" on the base of their Home page in small print.



Photos and Videos

High resolution videos are to be supplied by Website Global, they remain the property of Website Global and may be used in future developments.


Assignment of Project

Website Global reserves the right to assign sub-contractor programmers to the project if required.


Coding Damages to the Site after Handover

Website Global does not take any responsibility for damages or errors made to the site by the Client or a third party after the web site has been completed and handed over.



Termination of Agreement

If a client terminates the agreement prior to completion of the website, a calculation on work completed and unbilled will be made, including all work in progress, and this payment is required by the Client within seven (7) days.


Intellectual Property

Website Global will utilise web content material which may be subject to trademark or copyright. These items are warranted by the client as having the appropriate approvals and consent from the parties owning that content. Any intellectual property owned by Website Global used in the development of a web site or SEO/internet marketing processes remains the intellectual property of Website Global and may only be reproduced or copied with the consent of Website Global.



Risk passes to the client upon delivery of the dervices. The services provided will remain the property of Website Global until all debts are paid in full.