Visitor Experience Analysis

Take the guess work out of increasing conversions and reducing dropoffs

Have you ever been to a website that has functioned to perfection; every button took you to the correct links, you knew exactly where to go and what you were looking for without getting lost amongst all the links, content, sliders and graphics?

We can probably think of a two or three out of the thousands of websites we visit every year. On that note, you might be reflecting on your website and wondering how visitor-friendly it is, if visitors like the new header that went live last week, or if visitors are finding the new product description confusing. This is where our Visitor Experience Analytics comes into play.

We utilize an intelligent, ingenious web analytics and visitor feedback tool to help gain insights into your website, what visitors are doing on it and exactly what they think of it. This website conversion optimization tool consists of several analytical features including (but certainly not limited to) heat maps and visitor recordings, to provide an excellent foundation for generating ideas to optimise your visitor experience.

After accumulating, revising and interpreting the data, we record it all into monthly comparative spread sheets. From that, we devise in depth, data-driven tactics to help you maximize your websites true potential, reduce drop-offs, optimise conversions and transform visitor satisfaction.

We strongly believe that data-driven decision-making is imperative for sustainable, effective adaptability and subsequently, growth, in any business. Data-driven decision-making prevents us from making the same mistakes over and over and takes out a lot of the guesswork. In a dog-eat-dog world, those who are proficient at adapting are the ones who survive.

Our Visitor Experience Analytics allows you to maximize your marketing budget, hone into your visitors personas and meet them at their level via the most efficient funnel. If you’re serious about your business, this is a great opportunity to take your website to the next level, achieve your goals and conquer your market.


With heatmaps, you can very quickly find out if your visitors are using your website the way you intended it to be used. We use heatmaps to put strategies together to improve over all visitor experience while viewing your website.


We use these recordings to identify visitor behaviour and pinpoint any issues they have while using your website, we use this data to enhance your visitors experience on your website as they click, tap, move their cursor, type and navigate across pages.

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2017 Visitor Experience Analysis Packages