Our Team

Here we have the cogs behind Website Global. They’re passionate, genuine, sociable and excellent at what they do. Amongst them, they achieve an array of cohesive, innovative designs and products, with quality that demonstrates professionalism, experience and an intricate knowledge of the industry.

  • Jake McLeod

    Director and Web Developer

    Since his introduction to web design in 2005, Jake has developed a talent for meticulous, clean coding and interactive designs. His passion for design along with a comprehensive knowledge of HTML and CSS drove him to start his own business 6 years later, which we now know today as Website Global.

    He specializes in coding template artwork from scratch into HTML, CSS & responsive design and his intricate knowledge of Adobe Business Catalyst allows him to address maintenance tasks and complications with swift accuracy. With a habitual attention to detail, Jake has the ability to construct interactive responsive websites that are practical and user friendly, without compromising on the design elements that make a website attractive and unique.

  • Jeremy Swanborough

    SEO Specialist and Designer

    Since graduating from a Bachelor of Creative Media in 2012, Jeremy has ambitiously embraced the design industry and branched out his skill set into graphic design, web design, SEO and branding. As a result of his initial talent for illustrations & design, his intricate knowledge of SEO functionalities, as well as his web design capabilities, Jeremy essentially possesses the abilities of an entire SEO team. This enables him to modify websites according to the latest SEO standards and enhance them in a way that is aesthetically pleasing yet challenges his clients competitors.

    Amongst many other components of search engine optimization, Jeremy pays particular attention to marketing businesses to achieve objectives such as lead generation, high online visibility, online brand positioning and online reputation management.

  • Grace McLeod

    Business Development Manager, Copywriter and Designer

    All forms of art and creativity have been a passion and skill of Grace’s from a young age. After exploring many mediums, she found a particular interest in illustrations and graphic design. Her systematic disposition and eye for beauty allows her to create practical yet appealing graphics that are versatile as well as business-industry appropriate. She finds satisfaction in formulating and designing and sees them as an outlet for her vivacious creativity.

    Outside of her designing skills, Grace discovered her particular talent for writing after studying business and law. Her wide vocabulary allows her to articulate complex topics in a way that is intellectual yet easy to read. She enjoys creating artworks with her words and compartmentalizing concepts into bite sized pieces, allowing readers to easily digest elaborate information.

  • Joshua Wright

    Cinematographer and Motion Designer

    Formerly employed as a multimedia producer, Josh has a range of emphatic skills including graphic design, videography, photography and motion design. He utilises his progressive talents to create breath-taking narratives of film and motion that portrays professionalism, exceeding that of many cinematographers who have been in the industry for decades. Josh’s impressive portfolio consists of a wide array of clients including accounting firms, churches, airlines and mental health services.

    He particularly values working closely with his clients and believes that the creation of exemplary workmanship stems from fostering a more personal and open business relationship. He is enthusiastic about what he does and enjoys working with clients who are passionate about their businesses.